Online Availability

The Online Availability dashboard allows you to set the default times for your event on when your Biddable types items, For Sale type items, and Donation type items will be available to your guests.

To access the Online Availability dashboard, from the main Auction Dashboard click through Online Settings and then click on the Online Availability entry in the sidebar.


Clicking Online Availability opens its dashboard page.

Online Availability Dashboard

The Online Availability dashboard allows you to set the Online Bidding and Purchases & Donations default times.


An example of the Online Availability dashboard.

Online Bidding

Online Bidding is only enabled when an item's start and end times are defined. These times can be set here or via the Online Bidding dashboard under Online Bidding Period.

These Online Bidding start and end time affect all items with a type set to Online, Silent, or Live.

You can define default times here for the whole auction. You can override these Online Bidding times on a per-item basis if you want. If you specify a time here, you do not have to set it on individual items.

See Online Bidding and Online Bidding Times for more information.

Purchases And Donations

Specifying a default time for online Purchases & Donations to be available is optional.

The Purchases & Donations options will affect all items with a type set to For Sale or Donation.

If these values are not set, your For Sale and Donation items will be active whenever they are visible online. See Key Topic: Online Visibility for more information. You can also override these times on specific items via their item details page.


The Purchases & Donations start and end times work independently from each other. You can set one or the other as needed to set their availability.

Last reviewed: June 2023
Online Availability