January 2023: the current dashboard release has new graphics and some interface changes. Many screenshots still reflect the older release and will be updated shortly.

A curated list of User Guide pages and sections related to Tickets and how they can be sold using the Auctria platform.


Tickets should only be used for event admissions and/or bidding restrictions. Please do not use Tickets for items representing other kinds of tickets, such as "raffle tickets", "drink tickets", "concert tickets", etc.


  • Ticket Concepts
    • An important aspect of an in-person event is often Tickets. Tickets are a specially configured For Sale Item that provides a means to have an admission requirement to an in-person event; or, as needed, a means to restrict bidding to those that have been assigned a ticket.
  • Introduction To Tickets
    • You can use Tickets to track in-person event admissions as well as provide E-Tickets via email to guests that have been assigned a ticket. You can also use Tickets items to optionally restrict bidding in auction catalogs.
  • Tickets
    • Tickets items in Auctria are specially configured For Sale Items that have an admission quantity set and will be used either for admission to an (in-person) event or, optionally, as a means to restrict bidding in the auction catalogs.
  • Add New Ticket Item
    • The best method to create a Tickets item is to use the Add New Ticket Item Action on the main Tickets dashboard. This will ensure the Ticket item has its type set to For Sale and has an Admission Tickets Included value greater than or equal to 1. This value represents how many bidders will be accounted for per ticket.

Selling Tickets

  • How To Add Event Tickets To Your Website
    • The Auctria platform uses a dedicated Tickets item for such things as admission to the event being held by the Organization and/or as a "gate-keeping" measure for bidding. The Tickets items themselves are specially configured For Sale Items -- essentially the Admission Tickets Included value has been set.
  • How To Add Early Bird Tickets
    • Early Bird Tickets are generally those sold prior to regular Tickets being sold for an in-person event.
  • Set Up Tickets For Limited Times
    • Tickets can be sold on the website for a specified time period. Using the "Override start" and "Override end" times on the specific ticket item you can assign when, and for how long, a ticket will be available on the website.
  • Sell Tickets
    • Ticket items can be sold from the main Auction Dashboard's Tickets menu item. This is the only recommended method for organizers to sell ticket directly to guests.

  • For Sale Items
    • For Sale Items represent items that are sold for a fixed price. These items are also often "sold" to multiple people. For Sale Items are used, for example, when selling auction Tickets, or "raffle tickets" as well as items where the bidder thinks of buying the item rather than winning it.
  • Selling Sponsorships
    • Sponsorships in Auctria are best handled as an item bidders can purchase. In many cases, Sponsorships are also configured as Tickets since they will generally include a number of admissions to the event, especially with "in-person" event or events where the number of participants are limited
  • Online Bidding - Only Ticket Holders
    • Bidders must have a ticket assigned to them to bid.
  • Tables And Tickets
    • When you create a Tickets item there is a checkbox available for creating a table when the item is sold.

Reviewed: January 2023