# Communication

To access the Communication page click the link on the main Auction Dashboard menu.
The Communication page is about communicating with your donors and bidders by email, text message, or mobile notifications.


The Communication page opens to a view of the "Recently sent SMS messages" and "Recently received SMS messages" as the default.

There are also a number of additional features and links that can be found on this page in the sidebar.

# Emails

November 2019

We are releasing a new set of email features that are much more flexible and easy to use. This new interface will be used as the default. Please see Email 2019 for events created before January 2020.

  • Email Manager
    Links to the Email Manager page.
  • Edit & Send Custom Emails
    Links to the "Custom Emails" page.
  • Edit System Emails
    Links to the "System Emails page.

# Texting

# Mobile

# Other Communications

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