Quick Bid Entry

Auctria Video September 2022

The Quick Bid Entry dashboard is designed to enable you to rapidly enter winning bids during an event when you know the Item Number, Bidder Number, and Amount. Rather than offering item and bidder drop downs, the page just has text boxes to input the values and is optimized for keyboard use.

To access the Quick Bid Entry dashboard, from the main Auction Dashboard, click on Bidding/Sales, and then Quick Bid Entry under the Bidding sidebar menu.


This will open the Quick Bid Entry dashboard page.


Bid Entry

To record a bid enter the item#, bidder# and amount in the text boxes. You can use tab key on your keyboard to move between the text boxes.

Once the details are entered, the item and bidder details will be shown below for reference:


An example taken from a demonstration event.

Press enter key to record the bid, or click the Record button. The bid outcome is shown below:


An example of a successfully record bid (in green).

If there was a problem with the bid, it will be shown in red.


If the bid failed because of a Bidding Rule there will be a Try and force bid link you can use to retry the bid with the bidding rules disabled.

Bid Options

There are a number of options available on the left-hand side to control how the bids are recorded.


Bidding Rules

The Bidding Rules dropdown controls where the bid will be checked against the normal bidding rules: is the item already sold, is the bid a multiple of the bid increment, etc.

The options are to Enforce All Rules, Suppress All Rules, or Suppress Once.

If Suppress Once is used then the next bid will be recorded without checking the rules and the control will switch back to Enforce All



The default behavior on the quick bid page is to assume you are recording single bids and in this case the quantity entry is hidden. If you want to use the quantity control you can select whether to enter the quantity and a unit price or a total price:


When one of these options is selected the bid form will include an extra text box for the Qty field:


Bidding Options

The other options available allow you to pin the item, bidder and amount. If these checkboxes are ticked then the matching text box will not be cleared when the bid is recorded. This is useful if you are recording a series of bids for the same item, or bidder, so you don't need to repeatedly enter the same number.

Record as a final bid : when checked the item will be closed. This should be the default for live/silent auction items if there is no active online bidding for them. It would only need to be cleared if you are recording bids for items still involved in online bidding.

Send item won notifications : if checked an item won email (and text if enabled) will be sent to the winning bidder

Automatically advance to the next item : if checked the system will automatically populate the item# box with the next item# when you record a bid

Last reviewed: April 2023
Quick Bid Entry