Basic Content - Button

Drag and drop the More Column Content element from the Website Editor Sidebar into the column space where you want to add the Button.


This will open the Choose Content window.


Clicking the Button element will now drop it into the column space you selected.


When the Button element is highlighted it will also be seen in the "Selected Elements" section of the Website Editor Sidebar. Clicking on "Button" will open its settings.

Example Video

Website Editor Add Button from Auctria.com on Vimeo.

Edit Button

There are several properties available for the Button element within content blocks.


Buttons are often "clickable". Use the Add Behavior settings to assign a "Click" action.


This is the text that appears on the button face. Click on the "Label" property to open its text field for editing. Click on the "Label" property again to close. Changes are automatically saved.



Uses a drop-down selector to set a predefined look for the button.

  • Normal - default button style.
  • Link - uses highlighted text. This can be used in conjunction with the button's behavior.
  • Pill - uses rounded ends to create a "pill" look.
  • Squared - uses rounded corners to provide a defined look.



The button color is based on the colors available from the theme's colors.
See Add Theme Color for more details and information.


A toggle to display an outline around the button.

Full Width

A toggle to use the full width of the content block (default is enabled).


Uses a drop-down selector to choose from predefined font Size options.

  • Default - uses the default font size.
  • Large - uses a larger font size and adjusts the button as needed.
  • Small - uses a smaller font size and adjusts the button as needed.



By default the Alignment is not defined although it will align left when not using the Full Width option. Alignment can be set to Center, Right, and Left.



The Alignment option is only applied when Full Width is toggled off.

Also see Common Element Actions for more details on managing the button element.

Last Updated: 2/25/2020, 11:03:38 PM