In-Person Events

In-Person Events often will include many activities directly related to the on-going event.

The event may be continuing to accept online bidding or it may have moved to in-person bidding only once the event started.

Other activities at the in-person event could include checking in and adding bidders; recording their bids, purchases, and donations; as well as, checking guests out and helping them to pay their outstanding balances.

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In-Person Versus Online Bidding

It is commonly seen for In-Person Event bidding the use of paper Bid Sheets to allow guests to record their bids for Silent items. The Silent item type is designed to be used this way.

For the Live item type, bids can be recorded external to Auctria (if easier) and then later in the event the appropriate Final bids can be recorded for those items.

Silent ItemsBid SheetsLive Items

If you, as the organizers, choose to go with the Online bidding approach you will simply need to ensure the Online Bidding Times are correctly configured to allow this as well as advising your guests how they can place bids online during the event. The online bidding will automatically close at the end time and winning bidders will be issued Item Won Notifications.

Online ItemsOnline Bidding TimesOnline Bidding: Item Won Notification (Time)

Bidder Check-In And Registration

On the day of the event, your guests may be arriving and your organization has chosen to Check-In your guests for the event. This is easily done via the Bidder Check-In dashboard. The organizers/volunteers checking in bidders can also Add Bidder as needed.

Check-In BiddersAdd New Bidder

If the organization requires Tickets for the event and allows for "walk-in" guests, the check-in persons can also Sell Tickets to these guests which will take care of their registration and during the process the guest can also be checked-in.

TicketsHow To Sell Tickets

Recording Bids, Purchases, And Donations

During In-Person Event, especially when using Bid Sheets with Silent items and/or Live item bidding, organizers may need to Record Bids, Purchases, and Donations by guests. The guests will be able to make purchases and donations using the Event Website, and depending on your Online Bidding Times they may also be able to record online their own bids for Biddable items.

Recording Transactions
How To Record Bids
How To Record Purchases
How To Record Donations
What Are Biddable Items?

In-Person Check Out

As guests are leaving the event, or the event has ended, you can also Check Out these guests to allow them to clear any outstanding balances they may have as well as allowing for any last-minute donations your guests might want to make. The organizers taking care of Check Out have options to simply Record Payments as well as Splitting Bids and Transferring Payments between guest Bidder Records.

Record PaymentSplitting BidsTransfer Payment
Bidder Records

Last reviewed: November 2023
In-Person Events
Some common features and functions used during an Auctria In-Person event.