# Bidder Reports

These are the Bidder focused reports currently available.

  • All Bidders
  • Active Bidders
    Bidders with activity (won items, purchases, donations)
  • Inactive Bidders
    Bidders without activity (won items, purchases, donations)
  • Meal Choices
  • Meal Choice Summary
    Count of bidder by meal choice
  • Seating Assignments
    Tables with bidder seating assignments
  • Self-registered Bidders
    Bidders who registered on the web site
  • Registration Comments
    Comments made by bidders during registration/ticket purchases
  • Text Messages
    Text Messages
  • Won Items By Bidder
    Won items by bidder
  • Won Items By Bidder (location)
    Won items by bidder (with item location)
Last Updated: 11/30/2020, 3:35:00 PM