Bidder Reports


These are the Bidder focused reports currently available.


  • All Bidders All bidders in this event.
  • Active Bidders All bidders with activity (won items, purchases, donations) in this event.
  • Inactive Bidders All bidders without activity (won items, purchases, donations) in this event.
  • Bidder Summary (Current Event) Count of bidders in this event.
  • Bidder Summary (All Events) Count of bidders in all events.

Meal Choices

  • Meal Choices Meal choices for each bidder.
  • Meal Choice Summary Summary of meal choice of the number of bidders with that meal.

Tables & Seating

  • Tables Tables for seating.
  • Seating Assignments Bidders with tables and seating assignments.

Won Items

  • Won Items By Bidder Won items by bidder.
  • Won Items By Bidder With Location Won items by bidder with item location.


  • Registration Comments Comments made by bidders during registration/checkout.
  • Fulfillment Choices Bidder details with their fulfillment choice.


  • Outstanding Accounts Bidders that have an outstanding balance due.
  • Credit Accounts Bidders that have a credit balance owing.
  • All Accounts Bidders account summary.

Text Messages

  • Text Messages Text messages from bidders.

Auctria Pro-Tip from Launch Services!

To download all bidder activity as an Excel file use the bidder Export Data feature.

Last reviewed: February 2023
Bidder Reports
Bidder reports for Bidders, Meal Choices, Tables & Seating, Won Items, Registration/Checkout, Accounts, and Text Messages.