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Auctions (also referred to as events) are central to Auctria. All activity takes place within an auction associated with your Organization.

There are several different types of auctions that generally refer to the types of bidding used at the event.

Auction Types

Auctria can be used to run a number of different styles of auctions and events. You can mix and match different styles creating a varied fundraising approach. This page gives a brief overview of the terms we use so you can see which type of event best fits your goals.

The most commonly used Item Types are Silent, Live, and Online which also often translates to the type of auction being held.

Auction TypeMost Significant TraitMost Common Item Type
Silent AuctionsPaper Bid SheetsSilent Items
Live AuctionsAuctioneer/Emcee/Host directedLive Items
Online AuctionsElectronic/Website basedOnline Items


Although some auctions might be strictly one type or another, it is also very common to have an event with multiple auction types combined into the event.

Silent Auctions

Silent Auctions traditionally uses paper Bid Sheets to let bidders record their bids. The bidding may take place on a single evening, or happen over a period of time. With Auctria, you can produce the Bid Sheets you need for Silent Auctions.

Optionally, with Silent Auctions you can enable online pre-bidding. This will allow you to collect bids online via the auction web site before the event. The highest online bid is then rolled over to be the first bid on the printed bid sheet for the silent auction portion of the event.


Live Auctions

Live Auctions have items being bid on one after the other, generally with an auctioneer running the auction process. Live Items bids are recorded in the same way as silent auction bids.

You can print a Live Reporting Sheet to help you capture the winning live bids on paper before entering them in the system.


Online Auctions

Online Auctions are run entirely electronically on the auction website. There are no paper bid sheets, or auctioneer, involved.

The items are offered for bidding over a pre-selected time period which may extend over multiple days, or weeks, or be focused on a few hours at an event. Bidders place their bids via the event's Auction Website, Bidder Mobile App, or by Text Messages (if enabled).


Recommended Reading

There is sometimes confusion between a fully "Online Auction" and "Online Pre-Bidding" for a Silent auction; see Online Pre-Bidding Versus Online Bidding Only for more details.

Last reviewed: June 2023
Key Topics: Events
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