Introduction To Bidders

Every person that will be completing a transaction that includes a winning bid or purchase of an item through the auction website will require a Bidder record be created either before or after the transaction occurs.

Bidder records are created to capture individual guest information such as their name, email address, meal preferences, etc. and to register Credit Cards (if credit card processing is enabled).


Auctria requires a bidder# for every bidder. Even if you are not using bidder#'s in your event.

For example, a guest purchases a raffle ticket through the website. It is a one-time purchase and they pay for the purchase through the website. The software requires a bidder record to record the transaction and the payment history for that guest, even if the guest will not be further involved with the auction. This will create a bidder# during the process.

Adding Bidders

Bidders can be added individually through the dashboard using the Add New Bidder functions, imported from an Excel XLS file, or Bidders may be able to register themselves online if enabled.

This would also include registering as part of the purchase of a Tickets item commonly seen with in-person events or some bid conditions. See Bidder Registration/Checkout for more details on this.


Bidders are saved at the event level and are required to register for each event they will be involved in even if they have been involved in a previous event held on the Auctria platform.

Add Bidder During Check-In

During an event you can use the Check-In Bidders page to quickly check bidders in. Bidders can be assigned a new bidder# at this time, if necessary, or added as a new bidder as they arrive.


An example taken from a demonstration event.

Add Bidder Via Text Message

If your event has Text Messages enabled, you can allow bidder registration by text message as well. See Enable Registration By Text for more details.

Managing Bidders

The Bidder details can be changed at any point through their respective Bidder Details pages. There are more details about working with bidders available in our User Guide under Bidders in the Dashboard section.

More About Bidders

The following sections related to Bidders may also be of assistance.

Last reviewed: June 2023
Introduction To Bidders