Online Bidding

There are global settings for Online Bidding (and Online Pre-bidding). These are located, from the main Auction Dashboard, under Website > Online Bidding. This will open the Online Bidding Dashboard where you will be able to adjust the default Online Bidding settings.


For Online Bidding, the start and end times must be specified on the Online Bidding Dashboard page in the Online Bidding Period panel.


An example taken from a demonstration event.

Online Bidding Period


An example taken from a demonstration event.

The Online bidding start and end times must be defined for online bidding to occur. You can override Online Bidding Times for individual items in their respective Online Bidding sections.

Recommended Reading

Some additional information about how to handle if and when an item is available, can be bid on, and visibile to guests.

Who Can Bid


These settings give you more control over which registered bidders can bid online in your event.

Require a registered credit card to bid

Bidders must have a registered credit card to bid on items. See Require A Registered Credit Card To Bid for more information

Only ticket holders are allowed to bid

Bidders must have a ticket assigned to them to bid. This option requires bidders to have a Tickets item specifically assigned to them. If bidders are not required to have a Tickets item, this option should not be enabled.

Allow unconfirmed bidders

When this option is enabled unconfirmed bidders will be able to place bids. More often, the default for when a bidder registers is their email address is unconfirmed until they click on a link in an email the Auctria platform sends to them.


There is a risk that their email address may be incorrect.
If the email is incorrect, there is no means for the guest to correct it themselves.

Allow bidders to not use their password

Allow a bidder to sign in on the website using just an email address and not requiring a password. This option does not affect the mobile bidding app.

Max outstanding balance bidders can have when bidding online

You can limit the $ value of outstanding winning bids a bidder can have on their account. 0, or blank, is considered as an unlimited limit. This amount covers the total of what the bidder owes, and includes their potential winning bids.

Bidding Behavior


These settings let you refine the online bidding behavior.

Bidder identification


This determines how bidders are shown (you are always told if you are the high bidder). There are several options to consider.

  • Anonymous, except to the high bidder (default)
  • Bidder name is visible to everyone
  • Bidder#
  • Bidder nicknames only
  • Bidder nicknames if defined, otherwise bidder's name

If you are signed in as a User, you will see the high bidder details on the website as well, since you could see them from the auction dashboards.

If the Bidder nicknames options are used, this will allow bidders to update the Nickname field on their "My Account" page.

Show bid history

Show the full bidding history for an item to bidders. This will be displayed in a table below the item description and images section of the Item Details page.

Show donation activity

Show the full donation activity for donation items online. This will be displayed in a table below the item description and images section of the Item Details page.

Require bids to be a multiple of the bid increments

If selected then bids must be a multiple of the bid increment, otherwise any bid over the bid increment is allowed, even if it is not a multiple of the increment amount.

This rule only looks at the last bid, all bids must be a multiple of the bid increment over the last bid.

Enable maximum/proxy bidding

This option controls whether Maximum Bidding is available for the Online type items.

  • If set to Yes, on by default, maximum bidding is available for Online type items by default.
  • If set to Yes, off by default, maximum bidding is available for for Online type items but not by default.
  • If set to No, maximum bidding is not available.
 ∞ Maximum Bidding
 ∞ Online Items

Use 'maximum bid' UI

This enables the Maximum Bid UI (c. Summer 2022) instead of the older Proxy Bidding UI.

Bid Extension Rules


Setting these times will automatically enable them for all "Biddable" type items.

Bid Extension Rules allow you to automatically extend the closing time on an item
if a bid is placed within the trigger window immediately before the item closing time.

Bid extension trigger window

Windows of time (in minutes) before the item's closing time during which any bid placed will trigger the bid extension.

Bid extension duration

Amount of time (in minutes) added to the closing window when the bid extension rule is triggered.

Maximum bid extension

Maximum number of minutes bidding will be extended by the bid extension rules in total. (0 is unlimited)

Example Bid Extension Settings

As an exaggerated example: you can set the "trigger window" to 5 minutes, the "extension" to 10 minutes, and have a "maximum" set to 30 minutes.

This means: any bid within 5 minutes of the online bidding end time will extend the "end" (or closing) time by 10 minutes and this will continue, as needed, for a maximum of 30 minutes from the original online bidding end time of the item.


An example of a common set of Bid Extension values.



These settings control which notifications are generated for online bidding.

Show on-site notifications of bids to bidders

When a bidder has the website open, show them a small notification of every bid.

Send high bid notifications to bidders

Send high bid notifications to bidders when they place a high bid.

Send raised bid notifications

Send notifications to a bidder when their proxy bid is raised due to another bidders bid.

Send out bid notifications

Send notifications to the previous high bidder when they are out bid.

Send item won notifications

Send won item notifications to winning bidders by email at the end of online bidding.

Send new bid notifications to the organization

Send bid notifications to the organization's email address when a bid is placed online.

Include a personalized link allowing the bidder to pay online, this will only be enabled if credit card processing is enabled for your account.

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Last reviewed: May 2023
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