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Item Reference


The following fields are available from the item record:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Type
  • Value
  • StartingBid
  • BidIncrement
  • BuyItNowPrice
AllDonorsstringText representing all the donors of this item that can be publicly acknowledged
EffValuecurrencyCalculated value for the item. For baskets this will be the calculated basket value
EffValueStrstringString representation of the item's value (handles 'Priceless' items as well)
EffQuantitynumberQuantity or 1 if no quantity if defined
EffTaxableValuecurrencyTaxable value of the item calculated using the Value and TaxableValue fields
EffReceiptableValuecurrencyTax deductible value of the item
HasWinningBidbooleanIs there a single winning bid
ImageimageItem image
QRCodeimageQR code that links to the item on the website
WinningBidBidHistoryIf there is a single winning bid then reference to it
WinningBidderBidderIf there is a single winning bid then reference to the bidder
ReferencestringThe item details Reference field


AllImagesSet of all images for the item
AlternateImagesSet of all images for the item excluding the primary image
ContentsItemPartial Lot Items that are contained in this basket
WinningBidsBidHistorySet of winning bids for the item

Reviewed: January 2023