Send Custom Text


To use the Send Custom Text option requires the Advanced Texting feature set be enabled first.

You can use the Send Text dashboard to send a custom text message to all, some, or just a single bidder for your event. See Unknown link 'ChoosingParticipants' for more details on selecting which bidders to text.

You can get to the Send Text dashboard from the main Auction Dashboard by clicking through Communications and then Send Text under the Texting sidebar menu.

On the Send Text dashboard, you would write your message in the "Send Text" panel, select your "Recipients", and then use the Send Text button under the Actions sidebar menu.


Text messages themselves are limited to 140 characters although we will automatically split longer messages across multiple text messages as needed.


An example taken from a demonstration event.

To help prevent spamming, telephone companies will limit the number of text messages sent. As of October 2021, these rate limits will be based in the A2P 10DLC rules. Auctria has no control over the limits set by these service providers.

Most providers also have a 0.25 message segment (140 characters) per second rate limit. For example, sending 75 texts will take 5 minutes for them all to be delivered. This will limit the effectiveness of custom texts for timely announcements during an event but is generally not an issue for bidding notifications during the event.


  • Send Text
    Sends the text message to the chosen "Recipients".
  • Send to phone# if no cell#
    Option to use the bidder telephone number if there is no cell number in their Participant Details.
  • Preview Text
    Shows a pop-up window with a preview of the text message from the "Send Text" panel.
  • Text Settings
    Opens the Text Settings page.
  • Back to Communications
    Returns to the Communication dashboard.

Sample Text Message Add-Ons

Auctria Pro-Tip from Launch Services!

Text Messages can include a Template Reference using "Liquid" placeholders. These may be considered (advanced) use cases of Auctria.

There is no realistic limitation to the number of "placeholder" pieces you can have in a message. This allows you to mix and match as needed.

Include Bidder Access Code

To text Bidder Access Codes to bidders, you could use something like the following:

Your access code is {{ AccessCode }}
Participant Online Access And Tokens

To text a Sign In URL to bidders, you could use something like the following:

Click on {{ ShortSignInUrl }} to access the website.

Send A Request For Credit Card Registration

To text a link to the Request Credit Card Registration system page:

Click on {{ ShortRegisterCreditCardUrl }} to access your credit card registration page.

Send The Bidder Table Number

To text the bidder's Table Number, you could use something like the following:

You are seated at table# {{ AssignedTable.Number }}.
Tables And Seating

Last reviewed: August 2023
Send Custom Text