Edit Bids

Editing an existing bid amount or quantity is possible, although this should be done very carefully.


Making changes this way will not cause any of the Bidding Rules to be rechecked or the quantity available for the item to be validated.

Bidding Rules (Record Bids)
Online Items Details Bidding Details (example)

Item Activity

The best method to Edit Bids is from the Activity tab of the Item Details page of the specific item. To start editing, click on the options menu icon (three vertical dots) next to the bid at the far right.


An example from a demonstration event.

Clicking edit from the options menu will take you to the Bid Details page, where you can change the bid details.

You can also access the Bid Details page from the participant's Activity tab for the appropriate item. Clicking on the appropriate In-progress Winning Bids entry options menu (pencil icon -- for editing) will open the Bid Details page.


An example of the Bidder Activity tab.


An example showing the Bid Details of the example bid above.
How To Edit Dashboard Panel Settings

You can edit panel settings by clicking on the pencil icon to open the panel for editing.


Panel in "saved" mode.

Once you have made your changes, click the checkmark icon to save these changes. If you have opened multiple panels in a dashboard, you must click each checkmark to keep their settings.


Panel in "edit" mode.

You can click the return arrow icon if you do not want to save your changes.

Bid Details

The Bid Details page shows the Bid Context and Advanced information for reference. The Bid Details section can be edited by clicking on the "pencil" icon at the far right of the section.


An example of the Bid Details section open for editing.

The Bidder can be changed by selecting a new participant from the drop-down selection. The Quantity and Amount fields can be manually updated.

WARNING - No calculations are done on this page!

If you change the quantity in the above screenshot to 2, the amount will remain at $250. If necessary, you will need to also change the dollar amount.

Recommended Reading

For more specific editing of items, the following pages may assist.

Last reviewed: February 2023
Edit Bids
There are many ways and reasons to edit a bid. This will help you go through the steps for many common reasons.