Handling Payments

You can manually Record Payments by your winning participants using the Other payment methods you allow, although if you have implemented Credit Card processing integration, you will also be able to provide your winners with the option to pay online through their respective My Account pages.

Checkout Overview

Once the event is over and/or winning bids have been recorded, the Checkout processes can begin.

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Pay Online

If credit card processing is enabled, the Item Won Notifications sent out for a winning bid will, by default, include a Checkout button.


An example of an Item Won Notification (via the System Email "preview" option).

The participant can click this button to pay their account balance via their My Account page. These transactions will automatically generate an appropriate Statement for their records.


An example of a Statement (via the System Email "preview" option).

Online Bidding: Item Won
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My Account
Participant Statements

Manual Checkout

For any Manual Checkout operation, you would start from the main Event Dashboard and click through the Checkout menu item.


This operation will not send a Statement by default, although you can enable this option when recording the participant's payment.


See the Checkout Actions Record Payment option for more information on this functionality.

Dashboard And Event
Reference: Checkout

Checkout Payment Options

In many cases, especially for an In-Person event, you may be accepting Other forms of payment aside from a Credit Card. These options are set under the Checkout dashboard Actions Payment Options settings. Clicking this menu item will open a window where these options are set. The default in many cases will be Registered credit card (if enabled).


An example of the Payment Options default pop-up window.

In general, it is best to set the Default payment method to be the one most likely to be used during the In-Person event to speed up the process of Manually Checking Out guests.


An example of the Default payment methods available for the Checkout Options.

See Checkout Payment Options for more information on these settings.

Batch Checkout

The Batch Checkout function requires Credit Card processing integration to be enabled **_, and ** the Participants being affected also have a Registered Credit Card on file for the event.

Although Batch Checkout can be run at any time, it is often best to wait for an appropriate amount of time after the event has ended, allowing winning participants to clear their Outstanding Accounts on their own. You can also check what those Outstanding Accounts are and the amount owing for each.

See Reports > Financial | Accounts > Outstanding Account for more information.

Suppose there are Outstanding Accounts with registered credit cards on file. In that case, these participants will be listed on the Batch Checkout page.


An example Batch Checkout dashboard with Outstanding Accounts.

See Batch Checkout for more information.


An example report showing Outstanding Accounts, with registered credit cards, "Paid In Full".

Please note, an "empty" Batch Checkout list report means there are either no outstanding accounts or the outstanding accounts do not have a registered credit card on file. You can double-check with the Reports > Financial | Accounts > Outstanding Account report.

Pay Credit Card Processing Fees

If you have enabled Credit Card processing within Auctria and have taken payments with credit cards, an integration fee will be charged. These Credit Card Integration fees are noted for each plan on our pricing pageopen in new window.


For Stripe payment processing integrations, these fees are paid during the transaction's processing.


For Authorize.net payment processing integrations, these fees are calculated from each Credit Card transaction. They are displayed under the Auctria Balance dashboard found under the Reference: Organizations dashboard.


If you owe an Outstanding balance for Authorize.net Credit Card transaction processing, you can pay that balance from this page.

Reference: Credit Cards
Using Authorize.Net
Auctria Balance

Confirm Transfer Of Funds

There are always essential questions asked after a fundraiser. Two of the more commonly asked:

Auctria does not manage the transfer of funds to your bank account.
See When Do We Get Paid By Stripe? for more information.

Last reviewed: March 2023
Handling Payments
An overview of the common methods of handling Checkout in Auctria.