Introduction To Transactions


This collection of documents provides an overview of how to edit and record transactions in Auctria. Transactions in Auctria refer to bids, purchases, and donations made through the dashboard. In most cases, these transactions affect the participant's outstanding balance for the event.

Recording Transactions

Auctria lets you record bids, purchases (or sales), and donations through the dashboard. These transactions are treated as financial transactions and are added to the participant's balance.

Issuing Refunds

Occasionally, you may need to refund a transaction. Auctria allows you to issue refunds as required. Select the transaction and follow the steps to issue the refund.

Editing Transactions

Transactions can be edited through the dashboard. For example, if you need to make changes to a bid, purchase, or donation, you can easily do so by selecting the relevant transaction and making the necessary changes.

Last reviewed: March 2024
Introduction To Transactions
An overview of editing and recording transactions in Auctria.