Quick Start Guides

These guides will help you complete some of the more common tasks you may have with your event. Please refer to the specific Desktop App section for more specific information.


  • Not all steps may apply to your Organization when setting up your event.
  • You can skip some steps with features you are not considering using.
  • You can always go back and add or modify features in the future.

Overview How-To Guides

Creating an Auctria event and setting up your event website.
Information you can use at the end of your event.

Quick Start Guides

Learn how to set up an Online Auction Event for the first time in Auctria.
Reviewing mobile card readers.
Reviewing standalone card readers.
Learn how to use Auctria's Check-In feature to check participants into your event.
Learn how to configure your Auctria event website to accepte Donated Items, and how to approve and reject those items for inclusion in your catalog.

Last reviewed: April 2024
Quick Start Guides
Quickly get your first event up and running with these easy-to-follow walkthroughs, and check in here for more How-To style pages for each section of the Auctria platform.