# Quick Start Guides (hidden)

Welcome to the Auctria Quick Start Guides!

These guides will help take you through many of the key setup screens/options for your Organization and its auction/event.

If you haven't reviewed the Using Auctria section, we also recommend looking it over before diving into your own event setup.

You are also welcome to explore our Demo Auction to learn, hands-on, more about how the Auctria platform works without changing anything in your own account.

Also to note, not all steps are applicable when setting up every event, you may be able to skip those features you are not going to use.

# Things To Think About

As you work through the guides, it is helpful to consider the following ideas:

What kind of auction/event will this be?

  • an event based on the "traditional" silent and/or live style of auction;
  • an event with mobile/online bidding throughout;
  • an online only event; or,
  • a combination of some or all of the above.

What do you want to use Auctria for?

  • tracking auction items;
  • online (only) bidding;
  • selling event tickets;
  • selling items for fixed price (eg. raffle tickets);
  • receiving donations;
  • etc.

For online features, what will you be using the event website for?

  • preview items;
  • bid on items;
  • sell event tickets;
  • sell items for fixed price (eg. raffle tickets);
  • highlight donors, and/or sponsors;
  • collect cash donations and/or solicit items;
  • more...

Having considered and/or decided on the above while you work through the Quick Start Guides will help you set up some of the key pieces for your event.

Reviewed: 2021-06-16, 10:00 AM
Last Updated: 6/16/2021, 2:01:09 PM