Auctions or, more generally, Events are central to Auctria.

You may run multiple events yearly or have one annual event.

An event may be a traditional event on a specific day, an online auction spanning multiple weeks, or a combination of the two.

With Auctria, you can rest assured that all your event-related information is stored conveniently. Most of the data, such as items, participants, expenses, bids, and payments, is stored per event. However, some crucial data, like Item Donors, Users (organizers), and Payment Processor details, is stored per organization for easy access and management.

When you need to delve into the details of a specific event, it's as easy as a click. Simply locate the Event entry in the left sidebar, and you'll be directed to the comprehensive Event Details page. Auctria is designed to make your event management experience smooth and effortless.


An example from a demonstration event.

Last reviewed: August 2023
Edit event details and create new events or copy existing ones.