Authorize.Net: Readiness Review

Auctria Settings

From the main Auction Dashboard, click through Credit Cards and then Authorize.Net connection. Is there a Merchant Name & details? Seeing these confirms that Auctria can retrieve those details.

Authorize.Net settings

With Authorize.Netopen in new window, the Auctria platform cannot see these settings:

  1. Card Registration is enabled - Customer Information Manager (CIM); and,
  2. Your Anti-Fraud Settings.

1. Card Registration - CIM

Registering cards against bidders using Authorize.Netopen in new window requires the Customer Information Manager (CIM) feature to be enabled. See the User Guide section under Authorize.Net for Registering Cards for more details on ensuring this is turned on.

2. Anti-Fraud Settings

Authorize.Netopen in new window provides a suite of features to try and block fraudulent charges. This allows you to configure different filters that block transactions under certain circumstances. One of these filters (the velocity filter) sets a maximum number of transactions that can be processed per hour, which can cause problems during checkout.

See the User Guide section under Authorize.Net for Fraud Detection Suite for details on how to disable these features via your Authorize.Netopen in new window dashboard to avoid the risk of disruption to checkout.

Authorize.Net Notes


Auctria does not maintain links leading to Authorize.Net support documents. Please let us know if you need help finding one that is no longer valid.

The Payment Gateway supports connections to all of the major credit card processors, which provides our resellers with wider sales opportunities. ha s certified each of our processor connections to achieve the highest level of transaction security available.

Downloading Transaction History and Search Results

You can download your transaction history and search results in's Merchant Interface using the Download to File option. This output file contains all fields for the displayed transactions, not just the fields shown on the screen. recommends periodically downloading your transaction history for your records. We retain the current year and the last two years' worth of data/information, and archive older data yearly (normally between March-May).

In addition to the download feature of the Merchant Interface, we offer a Transaction Reporting API to access your transaction history and details programmatically. If you're downloading large volumes of transactions or need more flexibility with your reports, you or your developer may want to consider using the Transaction Reporting API calls.

Last reviewed: July 2024
Authorize.Net: Readiness Review