Stripe is a tier-1 payment processor that handles all functions for secure transmission and storage of credit card information.


Although the credit card information is entered in Auctria, no credit card payments or funds are processed by Auctria. All credit card payment processing flows through your Stripe account.

Stripe Charges

These charges would have a description in Stripe of Charge for "your event name" where "your event name" would be replaced by the name of your event as set under your Auction Details.

Multiple Fundraiser Sources

If you are using Stripe for other purposes, such as a secondary donation source, then all of these "charges" will be mixed into your normal payouts.

In these cases, you may want to consider a separate Stripe account for Auctria which you could set to manual payouts and handle its deposits, for example, at the end of the event.

See Stripe Documentation - Multiple accountsopen in new window for more information on this.

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Last reviewed: October 2023