Archive Event

Archiving Your Event happens after the Event is completed. It can be based on a specific date or, by default, six (6) months after the Event Date set under the Event Details page.


Although a specific Archive Date can be set to be immediately after your Event has ended, a 30-day grace period is enforced to help ensure all payments have been made by participants, allowing them to clear any outstanding balances themselves.

See Reports > Financial > Accounts | Outstanding Accounts for reference.

Once the Event is over and all of your items have been addressed appropriately, for example, Closing Online Bidding, and you have cleared all of your Outstanding Accounts (and organization fees balances, if any), you will generally want to consider Archiving Your Event.

Event Details
Closing Online Bidding

Initial Archive Date

This Event Date is often set when creating the Event and can be found on the Event Details dashboard. Once the Event Date is set, triggering the initial Archive Date, you can override it and put it to something more appropriate from the Event Details page.

The Archive Event logic requires the default Online Bidding "End Time" to be at least one month before the Archive Date to prevent archiving active events. Auctria will handle this automatically for you, triggering the archiving behavior after this logic condition is met.

Set Archive Date

To set a specific Archive Date other than the default initial date, click on the Event link in the main Event Dashboard sidebar menu and then set the Archive Date on the Summary tab.


You can set the archive date to be in the past or future; once that date is reached, the Event will be considered archived. Changing the Event Date will no longer affect the Archive Date once it has been set by default or altered at any time afterward.

View Archived Event

An archived event is still visible to you from the dashboard (see Website View Website) but will be hidden online from participants both on the website and when using the mobile app. Any website links associated with an archived event will return the Auctria "Missing Event?" page.


When viewing the dashboard of an archived event via the Event Dashboard, an Event Archived banner message will appear as a reminder that the Event is now "archived."


Last reviewed: May 2024
Archive Event
The Archive Event date is set to six months after the event date.