How Do Participants Pay?

Each Organization can determine how they would like their participants to pay for items from their event(s).

Example: Stripe and Credit Card Payment

For items bought/won through the website, we will consider this example as using Stripe for Reference: Credit Cards processing and a credit card payment is expected from the purchaser/winning participant.

Online Items

For Online Bidding Type including Buy It Now Only Items:

  • Payment is made after the item is closed.
  • The amount is charged to the credit card initiated by the participant or through the event dashboard.
    • If initiated by the participant:
      • the participant signs into the website to view their account and pay;
      • the participant uses the Participant Statements email containing a pay online link; or,
      • the participant users their "winning bid notification" email containing a pay online link.
    • If initiated through the event dashboard:

For Sale Items

For For Sale Items:

  • participants do not have to be registered first;
  • a participant record will be created if one does not exist (to track the purchase);
  • the purchase amount is charged to the credit card when the purchase steps are completed; and,
  • the participant can save their credit card details (checked by default).

Last reviewed: July 2024
How Do Participants Pay?