Transfer Payment

The Transfer Payment function allows you to transfer participant payments. This function can be necessary, for example, if the Payment was recorded against the wrong participant or a refund was incorrectly assigned to a participant.

How Did I Get Here?

To get to the Transfer Payment dashboard from the main Auction Dashboard, click through the Checkout sidebar entry and then click on the Transfer Payment sidebar entry.


Transfer Payment Dashboard

Transferring funds will not change the event income or affect credit card payments.
The amount will be debited from one participant's account and credited to the other.



The Transfer panel allows you to select the participant you are transferring from and the participant you are moving to. These are picked using the Choose Participant drop-down selectors.


Recent Transfers

The Recent Transfers panel will show any recent transfers made for reference purposes only.


An example from a demonstration event with no "Recent Transfers."

More Reading

See How To Transfer Payments for more information on using this feature set.

Last reviewed: June 2024
Transfer Payment
The Transfer Payment function will allow you to transfer money between participants.