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Text Based Registration

This section manages the options associated with bidders registering via text message as well as the messages sent as the text for notifications sent with successful donations and item won notifications.


Assume bidder's phone# is text capable

A bidder can have a phone# and a cell phone# set. If this option is enabled then texts will be sent to the bidder's phone# if the cell phone# is not specified. Otherwise only bidders with a cell phone# set will receive text messages.

Allow bidders to register by text message

If this option is enabled, bidders will be able to register by texting register <name> (replacing <name> with their name) to the auction phone number.

Automatically register bidders when they bid/donate

If this option is enabled, bidders will be registered automatically if they participate in bidding or donate to the auction via text message.

In these cases, the bidder record will only have the cell phone number listed. The bidder will need to have their details updated afterward via the auction website or by an organizer.

Allow bidders to associate their bidder# by texting

If this option is enabled, bidders will be able to associate their cell phone with their bidder number by texting to the auction phone number:

  • claim <bidder#> (replacing <bidder#> with their actual bidder number); or,
  • claim <email> (replacing <email> with the email they registered with).

When a bidder texts a register or claim, automatically include a web link and access code.

If this option is enabled, a payment link will be automatically added for bidders to pay online (requires credit card processing be enabled). This will add a pay at <link> part to the donation response message.

Response message when a donation is successful

Specify how the system responds to someone texting in a donation. The default message can be modified to some extent.

Thank you for supporting our demo auction with your (fake) donation of {{ Amount | currency }}!
An example from a demonstration event -- please update this as needed in your event.

Placeholders (advanced)

Placeholders, for an example, {{ Amount | currency }} above, can be used with these text notifications. See the Template Reference sections for more details.

Additional text to include in item won notifications

Specify the additional text being sent with the text message version of the Item Won Notification. The default message can be modified to some extent.

Thank you for taking part in our fund raiser this year!


See the Online Bidding Notifications section for the option to enable/disable adding a pay at <link> part to the message. The option is enabled by default.

Text Options