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Bid History Reference


The BidHistory table contains details of all the bids, purchases, and donations, made by bidders.


ItemItem ReferenceReference to the item the bid is for
BidderBidder ReferenceReference to the bidder that made the bid
QuantitynumberQuantity the bid was for
AmountcurrencyAmount of the bid
TaxablecurrencyTotal amount of the bid that was taxable
TaxablecurrencyTotal amount of the bid that was tax deductible
TotalcurrencyBid total including sales tax
SalesTax1currencyAmount of sales tax 1 in this bid
SalesTax2currencyAmount of sales tax 2 in this bid
SalesTax3currencyAmount of sales tax 3 in this bid
TotalSalesTaxcurrencyTotal sales tax in this bid

Reviewed: January 2023