Sales Transactions

Auctria facilitates sales transactions through both application dashboards and the Event Website.

Organizers can utilize dedicated dashboards for selling Tickets and Sponsorships, or use the functions available for Recording Transactions.

Additionally, the Event Website can be set up to enable participants to make purchases directly through specially configured website block elements.

Selling Tickets

Auctria provides the tools to sell event Tickets, and other For Sale Items (such as raffle tickets, sponsorships, buy-in parties, etc.) through the website and through the Sell Tickets dashboard.

Event Tickets, and other For Sale Items, are sold online through a customized Website Content Item Catalog block.

Selling Tickets Pages:

Selling Couple's Tickets

If you want to sell a "Guest Of..." Ticket, Couple's Ticket, or Family Ticket, you can check the box in the Guests section of the Sell Tickets dashboard that says Use the same bidder# for all new guests and that will assign all the guests from the current Admission Ticket purchase the same Bidder number and Link their Bidder Records.


An example from a demonstration event.

Selling Free Tickets

If you want to sell an Admission Ticket for "free" (sometimes referred to as a "Faculty/Teacher" Ticket), you can check the box on the Sell Tickets dashboard that says Force sale total to $0. This will remove the total balance due from the Purchaser.


An example from a demonstration event.

Bidder Registration

Bidder Registration options and settings handle the majority of the settings used for Online Ticket Sales.

See In-Person Events for more details.

Processing Payment

When items are purchased, the default payment method is to use the bidder's registered credit card and it will be charged immediately. There is a setting to "allow pay later", this allows the purchaser to add the amount to their account and not pay it immediately.


When purchases are made online, the system will automatically send a Purchase Notification to the Bidder.

Selling Items

You can use Auctria to "sell" items online from your Auction Website, through the Sell Tickets dashboard, or through the Record Purchase function.

Any transaction on the Auction Website that requires a payment, especially those using Credit Cards integration, will trigger the full In-Person Events process and create a bidder record for the purchaser as part of that process.

Selling Items Pages:

For Sale Items Versus Buy It Now Only Items

When Selling Items in Auctria, there are essentially two ways to set up items. You can use the For Sale Items approach or you can use Buy It Now Only Items approach.

For example, For Sale Items are used for Tickets in Auctria because they often require immediate payment, or assurances of payment, by the purchaser while Buy It Now Only Items will go "on account" for the bidder (aka purchaser) to be paid for at a later time -- generally during Checkout or via an online payment link from a Won Item Notification.

Item ConceptFor Sale ItemBuy It Now Item
In-Person EventsNot required firstRequired first
Key Topics: TicketsAdmission to the in-person eventAdmission to another event, venue, etc. (not the in-person event)
Bidder StatementsDisplays under PurchasesDisplays under Won Items
SponsorshipsSold prior to eventUse Donation Items during events for sponsorships
Raffle TicketsTo sell with TicketsTo sell during event / via mobile app
Online PaymentsImmediate payment requiredItem "winning bid" value added to bidder balance, immediate payment may not be required

Under the For Sale Items approach, items added to the cart may be removed by bidder.

Under the Buy It Now Only Items approach, items are immediately added to the bidder balance and cannot be removed by the bidder. This would require an organizer use the Remove Bid function.

Both For Sale Items and Buy It Now Items have the ability to limit quantity by setting a value for the Quantity field (leaving blank or using 0 would be considered as unlimited).

By default, For Sale Items are not displayed in the website Item Catalog while Buy It Now Only Items appear in Auction Catalogs as they are Silent Items, Live Items, or Online Items.

Export Individual Sales

As a special case, For Sale Items have an additional Activity related option under Exporting & Printing (in the sidebar) that allows you to Export Individual Sales for the specific item as an XLS formatted file.


Clicking the button will immediately start the process and download the file in your browser.

Using the Export Individual Sales on a Raffle Ticket item (see Key Topics: Raffles for more information) will provide you with a list of buyers of that item. The exported list could then be further reviewed and potentially used for a raffle "drawing" external to Auctria.

Also see After Event Sales for more information on selling those biddable items left after the event has closed.

Selling Sponsorships

Sponsorships in Auctria are best handled as an item bidders can purchase. You will need to add a Sponsorship Item to your event in order to sell a sponsorship.

You can do this by clicking on Add Sponsorship Item on the Sponsorships dashboard.

You can sell Sponsorships through the Sponsorships dashboard using the Sell Sponsorship button.

Sponsorships can also be purchased by participants on the Event Website and can be displayed in both the Sponsors Catalog and the Item Catalog, if it has been configured to display them.

Selling Sponsorships Pages:

Last reviewed: March 2024
Sales Transactions
Learn about the various ways you can record sales transactions in Auctria.