# Item Categories (updated)

All item categories are user-defined in Auctria, there are no pre-set categories.

Item Categories can be used in a number of different ways, for example, you can use categories to:

  • Item Categories can be used to filter the items listed allowing your guests select which items to display using the Show me... drop-down selector in the Item Catalog element on your Auction Website  ∞ Item Catalog - Show Groups.
  • You can also use the Item Categories as a condition of display for the Item Catalog element  ∞ Configure Items Displayed.
  • You can use Item Categories to group items when printing an Auction Catalog  ∞ Auction Catalog.
  • You can use Item Categories to group items when renumbering items  ∞ Item Numbering.

Item Categories: Table Of Contents

# View All Categories


From the main Auction Dashboard click through the Items entry to the Item Dashboard and then under the Categories sidebar menu click through All Categories to get to the Item Categories dashboard. This will open the Item Categories dashboard.


An example Item Categories dashboard listing categories from a demonstration event.

# Viewing Categories

To view the details of a specific Item Category you will need to double-click the category name. This will open the Item Category record view.


An example category from a demonstration event.

The Item Category Record view displays the Item Category, its Usage, and a list of the Items the category has been assigned to.

# Item Category

This section allows you to edit the category Name as well as the Description you are using for the Item Category.

# Usage

The Usage section controls the Sort index as well as provides toggles for where the category will be displayed.

  • Hide from categories dropdown will control if the category is displayed in the Show me... drop-down selector of the Item Catalog element.
  • Include in printed catalog toggles if the items assigned to this category will be included in printed item catalogs.
  • Include in online catalog toggles if the items assigned to this category will be included in online item catalogs.

# Items

This section displays a list of the items assigned to this category.

# Editing Categories

There are a number of ways to edit Item Categories.

You can make edits from the individual item category record (see above).

You can also click on the "pencil" icon or the "options" icon (three vertical dots -- then click on the "Edit Record" option) at the far-right of the category row.


An example of the pencil and options menu for an item category.

Clicking through either of these options will open the Edit Record pop-up window.


An example of an Item Category edit window.

# Deleting Categories

You can delete a category from either its category record view or through the category's options menu.


Deleting a category does not delete the items that have been assigned to the category, it will only remove the reference from the items when it is deleted.

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Last Revised: May 2022
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