Tracking Online Donations

During an online event especially for Virtual Live Gala events you may want to have an online donation drive (or Virtual Paddle Raise).

Online Cash Donations Only

To start, you would need to insert a Donation Element into a page (or be prepared to add one to the Live Auction Bidding Section on the fly).

The idea behind using Donation Elements would be if you are just looking to take in "cash" donations without any specific designation that something like a Fund-A-Need approach would use.

Once the Donation Element is inserted, it will often be best to also set up Donation Levels for your donors/bidders to simply click.


The easier it is for your guests to donate their money the better the opportunity to meet or exceed your fundraiser goals.

Also to note, when using the Cash Donation Only approach the bidders/donors will only see a “Cash Donation” reference and Auctria will treat these donations as “cash” only since there would not be an item number assigned to the transaction.

Online Donation Items

If you are looking to have specific donation segments identified and/or specific projects funded, especially in the case where there are multiple projects the fundraiser is targeting, you can use Donation Items separately or you can also use the Donation Item Mode of a Donation Element.

This allows for you to identify the donations both to the bidders as well as the system. An item number would be assigned and registered in the transactions.

See Fund A Need Online for more details about this.

Add A Thermometer

Also to note, for Donation Items you can also set a Fundraiser Target Value which will automatically add a Thermometer element to the Donation Item Details page allowing online viewers to see the progress for the specific project.

Last reviewed: June 2023
Tracking Online Donations