# Record Bids

You can record bids one at a time by selecting the item and the bidder, and then entering the amount.

To record a bid, open the Record bid, purchase or donation page and make sure the BID tab is selected. This is the default when selecting Bidding/Sales from the main Auction Dashboard menu.

# Bid Details section

# Select the Item

  1. Click in the Item field to activate the drop-down menu.
  2. Start typing the item number or name so that a list of items appears.
  3. Select the item you are entering a bid for.

# Select the Bidder

  1. Click in the Bidder field to activate the drop-down menu.
  2. Start typing the name so that a list of bidders appears.
  3. Select the bidder you are entering a bid for.

Note that you can quickly access more information about the bidder by clicking the View icon.


# Enter the Amount

Enter the value of the bid in the Amount field.

  • If you are entering the final bid, make sure the Final Bid checkbox is selected.
  • If you are not entering the final bid, make sure the Final Bid checkbox is cleared.

# Final bids

For most recorded bids, you will be recording only the Final Bid. Typically this is the case with Silent Items or Live Items. When you record a Final Bid, the item is marked as "closed" (see Open/Close Bidding for more information). If online bidding was enabled at the start, no more bids will be accepted online.

You can always record another bid, but if this was an open online item, bidders would not be able to bid for it online any longer.

If you need to record a bid as part of an on-going online auction, you can do that from here but be sure to clear the Final Bid checkbox so that bidding is not closed.


You can quickly access more information about the item by clicking the View icon.


# Payment section

This section allows you to include a payment with the bid/sale, or just record the bid only.


To just record a bid only, keep the NONE option; otherwise, to record a payment select either the CREDIT CARD tab, or the OTHER tab (or the REGISTERED CARD tab, if available).

# Bid Notifications

# Successful Bid

If successful, a green message will appear for a few seconds at the top of the window.


The bid you just recorded will be listed under Recently Recorded Bids.


# High Bid Conformation

If you enter an amount that is significantly higher than the item's value, Auctria will notify you and request confirmation.


# Bid Failed! Notification

If you are entering a bid that violates a bidding rule, Auctria will notify you and prompt you to Try And Force Bid.


# Already Sold Items

If an item already has a winning bid recorded against it, then when you select it in the system it will show that is is already sold, such as below.

You will still be able to enter a bid for the item. The bid you enter will replace the winning bid.


# Items with More than One Available

If an item has a quantity of more than one available for bid, then you will see the remaining number available when you select the item.


# Actions

  • Record Bid
    When all of the information for the bid has been entered, click Record Bid.
  • Enforce All Rules
    Clicking this opens a drop-down selector to choose if/when bid rules are applied.
    • Enforce All Rules (default)
    • Suppress All Rules
    • Suppress Once
  • Clear Page
    Clears all of the current information from the fields on the screen.
  • Checks
    Clicking this will open the "Bidding Checks" window.
  • Pin
    To quickly record multiple bids you can "pin" the item, bidder, or amount.
    See Pinning Fields for more information.
  • Send item won notification
    Enabling this will generate and send a winning bid notification to the bidder.
  • Automatically advance to the next item
    Enabling this will advance to the next item# after recording the transaction.
  • Hide payment options
    Enabling this option will hide the Payment section.

# Bidding

# Website

# Shortcuts

If you are entering many bids at once, using the keyboard shortcuts may save time.

CTRL + S to record bid
CTRL + B to focus on bidder
CTRL + I to focus on item
CTRL + A to focus on amount
CTRL + Q to focus on quantity

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