Open/Close Bidding

The Open/Close Bidding page lets you quickly open or close bidding on selected items.

From the main Auction Dashboard, click through Items and then click on Open/Close Bidding in the Items Dashboard sidebar menu.


An example taken from a demonstration event.

This will open the Open/Close Bidding dashboard.

Open/Close Bidding Dashboard


An example taken from a demonstration event.


When re-opening bidding on closed items, a new Online Bidding end time should be set first either as a new default or as an override for the item(s) to be re-opened.

If you are using online bidding, or Kiosk Mode Bidding, all bids on an item are recorded, not just the winning bid. Bidding on the item will remain open until the Online Bidding end time of either the auction, or the item, has passed.

When you Record Bid, from the Bidding/Sales page, you can control whether or not the bidding is closed for the item by checking the Final Bid checkbox.

If you enabled online pre-bidding for silent auction items, bidding on the Silent Items will not automatically close (Silent type items require manual closing by default). If there were no further bids recorded against the silent item during the event, you will need to manually close the bidding. The Live Items type also use a default manual closing option.

These items can be closed on their Item Details page or from this page if they are included in the selected items.


Opening, or closing, bidding has no effect on For Sale Items or Donation Items.

Choose Items

When using the Open/Close Bidding page you can select which items you want to have this action applied to.

There are many default filters as well as options to specifically select or search for an item available.

See Choose Items Filters and Choose Items Sort for more details.

Often times items may be reviewed and appropriately adjusted first, then the use of these selection filters will work much better knowing what is available to prepare the item(s) to be re-opened.

Remember to make certain the Online Bidding end time (either the default or for the specific item via its override settings) is correctly re-set. If the end time has not been updated to a future date the items will automatically, and immediately, be re-closed.

Items with a quantity greater than one (1) and sales of less than the total quantity cannot be re-opened using these functions.

Last Revised: April 2023