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Copy Items

January 2023: the current dashboard release has new graphics and some interface changes. Many screenshots still reflect the older release and will be updated shortly.

The Copy Items function allows you to copy items from one auction to another. This can be useful when these items are common to both events, for example, Donation type items are often the exact same or very similar in nature between events.


The Copy Items process is push based -- meaning, you start from the auction that has the items you want to copy from and target the auction where you want them copied to.

NOTE: To copy an item within the same event, please see the Duplicate Item page in our User Guide.

 ∞ Duplicate Item

How To Copy Items


  • The Auction you want to copy the items to must exist (see Add New Auction for more information as needed).

1. Select The Auction To Copy From

To start, since this is a push operation, make certain you are in the correct auction. This will be the one where the items currently exist (see Change Auctions for more information on this).


An example taken from a demonstration event.

2. Open The Copy Items Dashboard

From the main Auction Dashboard, click through Items and then click Copy Items under the Actions sidebar menu.


An example taken from a demonstration event.

This will open the Copy Items dashboard.


An example taken from a demonstration event.

3. Select The Target Auction

From the Copy Items dashboard, select the Target Auction using the drop-down selector.


The selector will list all of the existing auctions.


An example selection of Auctions available to be copied to.

Click on the auction you want to copy the current auction items to.

4. Choose The Items To Copy

With the Target Auction selected, next you would use the Choose Items section to select the items you want to copy to it.


An example Copy Items dashboard with the Target Auction selected.

By default, all items in the current auction will be selected to be copied to the Target Auction. If you only want to copy a selection or filtered list of items from the current auction you can use the Choose Items filter by clicking on its options menu (three vertical dots at the far right of the section).

For more information on using the Choose Items function, please see its User Guide page.

 ∞ Choose Items Filters

5. Copy Selected Items

Once you have chosen the items, click Copy Items under the Actions sidebar menu...


An example of a filtered Choose Items list to be copied.

A Confirm Copy window will pop-up. Click Continue... and, you're done!


An example taken from a demonstration event.

Reviewed: March 2023