# Copy Items

You can Copy Items from one event to another. This is especially useful if you have repeated donations to save the work of re-entering all the item details again.

The Copy Items process is "push based". You start from the auction that has the items, click on Items, then click on Copy Items, and select the target auction to copy the items too.


For copying an item within an event, please see the Duplicate Item page in the User Guide.

# Copying Items

To start, since this is a "push" operation, switch to the auction that already has the items you want to copy (see Change Auctions for more information on how to do this). When you are in the correct auction, click Items in the main Auction Dashboard menu and then click Copy Items.


The Copy Items page lets you select the target auction and the items to copy.


Choose the target auction where you want to copy the items to from the drop-down selector at the top of the page.


Then choose the items to be copied (the default is all items). You can select items to copy using the standard Items Chooser as well. See Choosing Items for more information.

Once you have chosen the items, click Copy Items in the Actions sidebar menu.


A popup window will appear asking you to confirm the number of items that will be copied.


Click Continue to proceed.

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