The blocks below lead to more explanations of each of the links available in the main Auction Dashboard menu found on the far left side of screens in Auctria.

Administering your event with Auctria takes place mostly through the Auction Dashboard.
Edit auction details & create new events or copy existing ones.
Working with bidders in your event, including editing, renumbering, bidder statements and the tables and seating feature set.
Record bids, sales or donations from bidders. This section also covers managing these transactions.
Record payments from bidders individually or by running a batch of multiple bidders with registered credit cards.
Communicate with bidders or donors via emails or text messages. Edit the templates used for system emails for this event.
An overview of the Financials dashboard page.
Learn about integrated credit card processing, as well as how to register cards and issue refunds.
Work with donors, including issuing receipts and tracking donor donations or sponsorships
Track auction expenses in different categories.
Import data from Excel worksheet, or export the auction details & activity to Excel files.
Work with items to manage this key part of your event. Covers baskets, pricing policy and renumbering.
Learn more about the Online Settings options available for displaying items.
Manage your Organization within Auctria.
Details about printing different forms and customizing them with stationery files.
Learn about the Raffles feature set, how to add raffle tickets, prizes and draw winners.
Work with information through reports and learn how to customize views and make mass changes at once.
Learn more about the Sponsorships dashboard, including sponsorship with attached admission tickets and viewing related reports.
Track event admission tickets and accurately track your guests.
Work with the event website and learn how to customize it with your own content and other elements.

Last reviewed: August 2023
Detailed instructions on using Auctria. This section is one of the primary "reference" areas for the platform.