Repair/Reissue Tickets

This page allows you to re-synchronize tickets with either Ticket Actions or Bidder Actions.


Ticket Actions

  • Reissue Tickets - re-issuing tickets will create new tickets to match the number of ticket items sold.
  • Reduce Tickets - reducing ticket sales will adjust the quantity on purchase records to match the current number of tickets associated with the sale.


The amount of any purchase record will be adjusted based on the number of removed tickets, however no payments will be affected. This may leave the bidders with a credit balance.

Bidder Actions

  • Generate Missing Guests - if you have bidders with multiple tickets assigned then this option will create new 'Guest of ...' bidder records and assign the extra tickets to them.

After running the Generate Missing Guests process every bidder will have at most one ticket assigned.

Last reviewed: January 2023
Repair/Reissue Tickets