Duplicate Emails

Duplicate Emails can occur for numerous reasons with some of the more commons ones being importing the Bidders from an external source, manually adding bidders to the event, and/or purchasers using their email address for each of their guests when buying a Ticket Item(s) that provides for multiple admissions/registrants.

Problems With Duplicate Emails

  • Who is logging in?
    The Auctria platform has no means to know who is logging in when there are multiple bidder records using the same email address in a specific event. This is the single biggest issue when there are duplicate emails in an event.
  • What happens when logging into Auctria?
    If a bidder tries to log in with an email address that is duplicated in the event, they will receive an error message and not be able to continue. The duplicate email will need to be addressed.

Fixing Duplicate Emails

You can fix most duplicate email issues under the Bidder Maintenance functions using the Duplicate Emails dashboard. This function can provide you with a list of bidder records that have Duplicate Email addresses.


See Duplicate Emails and Linking Bidders Versus Merging Bidders for more information on how best to address the bidder records listed.

Last reviewed: June 2023
Duplicate Emails