To access the Checkout functions, click the Checkout menu item on the main Auction Dashboard.



There are several Checkout Actions in Auctria.


  • Make Payment
  • View Transactions
  • Send Statements On Payment
  • Refresh Bidders
  • Batch Checkout
  • Payment Options
  • Transfer Payment
  • Remove Bidders From Checkout

Make Payment

The Make Payment Action is the default action when landing on the Checkout page.

  1. Select a bidder to include in the current checkout - use the "Choose Bidder" finder to select the bidder to checkout. This will populate the bidder's name, charges, etc. below.
  2. Payment Method - select the appropriate tab to record the bidder's payment method.

See Checkout Payment Options for more details on the "OTHER" method's options.


If the bidder has a registered Credit Card there will be a third Payment Method tab "REGISTERED CARD" that can be used.

  1. Once the bidder is selected and the appropriate payment method has been chosen, click the Make Payment button to record the payment.

View Transactions

The View Transactions Action will, once a bidder is selected, show the bidder's current event transactions including "Item's Won", "Purchases", "Donations", "Payments", and "Amount Owing". You can find/verify the details of the payment here before processing it. This is an informational popup window and will not record any transactions when clicking its "Close" button.

Send Statements On Payment

The Send Statements On Payment Action is a reference to a Check Out Option. If the option is disabled you will see the following popup window when you click on the action:


If this option is enabled it will have a checkmark beside it.


Refresh Bidders

This will refresh the available bidder list.

If there are multiple users (see User Accounts) entering bidders and/or processing transactions in Auctria, it may be possible the current bidder list being seen needs to be refreshed.

Batch Checkout

See Batch Checkout.

Payment Options

See Checkout Payment Options.

Transfer Payment

This option will allow you to move money between bidder accounts.
See Transfer Payment.

Remove Bidders from Checkout

This will clear the current bidder's details on the Checkout page and allow you to select a different bidder to check out.

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