How To Issue A Credit Card Refund In Full

Occasionally mistakes may occur when charging credit cards and you will need to issue a refund.

For example, a bidder may end up getting their card charged twice or for the wrong amount because a purchase was recorded more than once.

Please see the steps in this how-to for help with refunding credit card charges.

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You can issue a full refund for a credit card charge from within Auctria. This is generally recommended as the simplest approach.

When you issue a full refund for a charge Auctria's credit card processing fee will be refunded as well. For details on how your payment processor's fees are handled in the case of refunds you will need to refer to your agreement with them.


Be sure you are processing refunds in the correct mode. If you are refund Live mode charges in Test mode, you will receive error messages and vice versa. The refund will not be processed. See Test & Live Modes for more details.

Navigate to the Bidder Details page for the participant to be refunded, and click the Activity tab.


Scroll down to Payments.

Locate the Credit Card payment that you want to refund and click Refund on the same line.


An example taken from a demonstration event.

A popup Confirm charge refund window will appear asking if you want to refund the full charge or a partial amount. Click the option Refund the full remaining amount.

When ready, type YES in the text box and then click the check mark icon to save the transaction.


An example from a demonstration event.

When the refund has been successfully processed, the bidder's Activity tab will show a negative fee charge under purchases and a refund payment. The original payment will show as Refunded and not be available for any additional refunds if a full refund was issued.


An example from a demonstration event.

The refund will show up on the bidder's credit card account in a few business days.

Issuing Refunds Directly From Stripe Or Authorize.Net

You can also issue a refund from your Stripe or Authorize.Net dashboard.
NOTE: If you do this, Auctria will not be aware of it and you will need to manually record the compensating transaction to keep everything in balance.

The refund link is tied to the charge rather than a specific registered card, so it will work when or if the registered card on file is changed.

The refund will fail if the Stripe account itself is changed since the change is tied to a specific Stripe account Auctria has permission to be used with.

There should never be any harm in trying a refund since you can only refund up to the full amount of the change to the original payment method (assuming you want to issue a full refund).

A refund through Stripe (or Authorize.Net) only reverses a previously made charge. It is not tied to the registered card concept and will always go back to the original card (even if the bank has canceled that card, in which case it is the bank's problem to fix it).

There is no mechanism through any payment processor to "push" money to a credit card. You can only ever return money to the card you previously charged up to the amount charged.

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Last reviewed: February 2024
How To Issue A Credit Card Refund In Full
Learn more about issuing fully refunded credit card payments.
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