Text Messages

Auctria supports setting up a special phone number that bidders can send text messages to in order to bid in an Online Auctions. This can be used as an alternative to using the website, or in addition to it.

Bidders will receive out bid notifications back by text message as well as email.

You can also send a bulk text message to your bidders to keep them informed of what is happening at the event.


Before using text bidding you need to request a phone number in your local area code that will be the number bidders text to. There is an $50 additional charge for this set-up, which activates the phone number for up to a year. You can use the same phone number across multiple events, though not simultaneously.

In addition you will need to purchase text message credits. Each message either sent or received uses a credit (so a bid message and its acknowledgement would be 2 credits). Credits are available in bundles of 1,000 messages for $25. The set up fee includes 1,000 message credits.

See Texting Set Up for more details on the set up process

Identifying Bidders

Bidders are tied to the texting features using the Cell Phone Number which is shown on the bidder details page. Each bidder should have a unique cell phone number, they can't be shared between bidders.


When a text message is received the number is matched against the Cell Phone Number value on the bidder records.

You can either enter this information manually at check-in, or bidders can enter it during online registration. You can also enable registration by text message, so bidders can register themselves or claim an existing bidder# you have assigned.

See Bidders & Phone #s for more details

Texting Commands

There are number of commands that bidders can text to the auction number in order to participate in the auction.

See Text Commands for more details.

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