# Bidder Details

The bidder details page shows the contact information, registered credit card, activity, audit record, and other information about a bidder separated across the SUMMARY, ACTIVITY, and HISTORY tabs.


The SUMMARY tab lets you edit the information associated with the bidder as well as showing the bidder's "Current balance".


# Bidder

The Bidder panel allows you to modify the bidder details.


  • Bidder #
    This is the current bidder# and can be edited as needed.
  • First name
    The bidder's first name (it can be left blank and often will be if the bidder is a "company").
  • Last name
    When a bidder is acting on behalf of a company, the Company's name should be used here; otherwise, the bidder's last name goes here. This field should be considered as required.
  • Additional bidders
    Enter the names of any other people bidding with this number.
  • Guest of
    The bidder/purchaser of the event tickets can be selected from the drop-down selector as needed.

# Contact Information

The Contact Information panel allows you to modify the bidder's contact details.


  • Email
    This will be used as the primary (communication) detail where most notifications and other bidder relevant information is sent.
  • Phone Number
    This can be used as a secondary contact telephone number as needed.
  • Cell Phone Number
    This will be the telephone number to accept text bids from and notifications of being outbid.

# Address

The Address panel allows you to modify the bidder address details.


  • Address line 1
  • Address line 2
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Zip/Postal code
  • Country

# Other

The Other panel provides more information details that can be modified.


  • Company
    If this bidder represents a company, or organization, and you want to save that information you can record it here.
  • Reference
    If you have bidder information in another system and want to cross-reference it, that can be recorded here.
  • Seating preference
    This is an informational only piece of information and is often used for more details about a bidder's seating assignment.
  • Meal choice
    The bidder's meal choice can be entered or selected from the auto-filled drop-down selector.

# Options

The Options panel has checkboxes for bidder specific details.


  • Checked in?
    This checkbox indicates if a bidder has checked in, or to check in the bidder if not enabled.
  • Exempt from sales tax
    This check box will exempt the bidder from taxes for all purchases made after it has been enabled.

# Notes

The Notes panel is an informational text field what is not displayed by default and can be used as needed for various additional details about the bidder.


See Edit Bidder Details and Open Bidder Details for more details.


The IMAGES tab is only used when a Bidder purchases an item with the Is Sponsorship option checked.


To add the bidder's "Sponsorship" image (often their logo) you would click on the Upload New Image button and follow the prompts in the Choose Files window.


This is very similar to the process to Batch Image Upload for items.

Image dimensions are not modifiable once uploaded into Auctria.

See Images under Using Auctria for more details.


The ACTIVITY tab shows the itemized details for the bidder's Tickets Purchased, Tickets Assigned, Items won, Purchases, Donations, and Payments.


  • Tickets Purchased
    These are the tickets purchased by the bidder. This shows the "Ticket#"", the ticket "Item", and who the ticket has been "Assigned To".
  • Tickets Assigned
    This shows the ticket(s) assigned to the bidder.
  • Items Won
    These items are those won with a winning bid.
  • Purchases
    These items are those that have been purchased such as Tickets to the event.
  • Donations
    These items were designated as donations and listed separately for reference.
  • Payments
    These entries represent the payment types as well as the amounts and when they were recorded.


This HISTORY tab shows an audit trail listing of all the changes to the bidder made to the bidder.


# Bidder Details Sidebar

# Ticket

If a ticket has been assigned to the bidder, the ticket number will be displayed. If no ticket has been assigned to the bidder there will be no reference made.

# Access Code

If an Access Code needs to be created, clicking "Assign Access Code" will generate one. See Bidder Access Tokens for more information about using the Access Code.

# Table

If the bidder has been assigned to a table, the Tables And Seating reference will be displayed. If the bidder was not assigned to a table there will be no reference made.

# Tags

Bidders can be assigned Tags for better organizing and/or reporting. See Tags for more information.

# Credit Card

Hovering your mouse pointer over "Credit Card Details" will pop up a window with details referencing the credit card on file. This reference will be either "no card on file" or the last four digits of the card.

# Activity

  • Bid
    Links to the Record Bid page with the bidder pre-populated on the page.
  • Checkout
    Links to the Checkout page with the bidder pre-populated on the page.
  • Export Activity
    Generates an Excel spreadsheet for the specific bidder and triggers the browser to download it.

# Communication

  • Send Access Token
    This will send an access code email to the address on file for the bidder.
  • Send e-ticket
    This will send an e-ticket email to the address on file for the bidder.
  • Send tickets statement
    This will send a tickets statement email to the address on file for the bidder.
  • Statement
    • Show Printable Statement - generates a preview of the printed bidder statement.
    • Preview Email Statement - generates a preview of the email bidder statement.
    • Send Email Statement - this will send the "Email Statement" to the address on file for the bidder.
    • Show Small Printable Receipt - generates a preview of a "narrow" formatted bidder statement.

All Communication emails will pop up a confirmation window requiring you to click on "Continue" before sending.

# Editing

  • Add New Bidder
    Links to the "Register Bidder" page.
  • Duplicate Bidder
    Links to the "Register Bidder" page with some fields pre-populated by the current bidder details.
  • Link Bidder
    Opens a pop up window to "link" two bidders. The bidder# on the bidder you select will be changed to the current bidder number.
  • Merge Bidder
    Opens a pop up window to "merge" two bidders. The bidder you select will be deleted and all their activity moved to the current bidder.
  • Refresh Bidder
    Force refreshes the current bidder details page.
  • Delete Bidder
    Opens a pop up window requiring you to click "continue" before removing the current bidder.

See Sharing Bidder Numbers for more details on the Link Bidder and Merge Bidder options.

# Dashboard

  • Back to Bidders dashboard link.

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