Record Payment


The Bidder Statement email is the only one ever sent (if selected) during any checkout triggered from the dashboard.

Organizers can Record Payments from the main Auction Dashboard with options to include credit card fees and select from available payment methods.

From the main Auction Dashboard, click through the Checkout sidebar menu item to open the Checkout Dashboard where payments are recorded.


An example taken from a demonstration event.

1. Select Bidder

The first step to record a payment is to select the bidder from the Choose Bidder selector at the top of the dashboard.


After selecting the bidder, their outstanding account balance will be displayed with the payment amount pre-filled at the total outstanding.


An example taken from a demonstration event.

Partial Payments

Partial Payments can also be made by adjusting the "This Payment" amount.


An example full payment amount. Adjust this value for Partial Payments.

Add Credit Card Fees

Credit Card Fees can also be optionally added (based on the payment amount).

Credit Card Settings - Surcharge Settings (Current Auction)

INFORMATION - Add in credit card fees

It is important to note the organization will always be paying the credit card processing fees and the Auctria integration fees on credit card transactions only.

When a bidder pays the fees, they will be paying an extra amount. This extra payment amount is based on the the credit card processing fees plus the Auctria integration fees and applied to their balance during checkout.

This extra payment amount will cover the fees being charged leaving the entire donation, purchase, and winning bid amounts to the organization.

Processing Fees - Example: Surcharge Fees

2. Select Payment Method

If credit card processing integration is enabled, the Payment Method will show a Credit Card tab, if the bidder has a registered credit card on file an additional Registered Card tab will be available and selected by default; otherwise, the Other tab will be the only one available.

Credit Card Method


An example Payment Method panel with a bidder without a registered card on file.

Registered Credit Card Method


An example Payment Method panel with a bidder with a Registered Card on file.

Card Reader Method


An example Payment Method panel with a connected card reader.

Other Methods


An example Payment Method panel showing the Other tab with default Payment Options.

Once the Payment Method is selected and its appropriate details entered, click the Make Payment button in the sidebar to continue the process for the bidder.

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Last reviewed: June 2023
Record Payment
Record Payments for winning bids, purchases, and donations from the main event dashboard.