How To Refund As A Negative Payment

There may be cases where a refund is required although it is not being charged back on a credit card transaction.

For example, a refund is required after the monies have been transferred from your credit card processing service to your fundraiser bank account and check needs to now be issued.

This would use the same processes as the default Checkout Make Payment Action although instead it would require a Negative Payment.

In most cases, once you have the bidder selected they will have a $0.00 balance to be paid, this is to be expected especially after an event has ended and the Event Wrap Up has been completed.


An example of a bidder with a `$0.00` balance owing.

Enter The Negative Amount

This is where the Refund amount is recognized. If a $100.00 refund check is being issued then you would enter -100 into the amount field.


An example of a negative amount (`-100`) entered for the payment.

Since this example Refund is being issued from the fundraiser bank account as a check, you should select the appropriate Payment Method to reflect this. In this case, you would be selecting the Other tab and choosing Check from its drop-down selector.


Once the Bidder and Payment Method have been set, clicking the Make Payment button will start the refund process. A confirmation pop-up window with the details of the Payment will be dispalyed.


An example showing the details from above.


Once a Negative Payment has been processed, the bidder account will be put out of balance and will be seen as an Outstanding Account. To correct this, an appropriate adjustment needs to be made to an Activity tab line item.

If this was a Full Refund, the appropriate line item could be removed from the purchases or won items section of the Bidder Activity tab; or, the appropriate line item could also be removed from the Item Activity tab.

If this was a Partial Refund, the appropriate line item could be edited to have its amount reflect the non-refunded amount.

Once the Activity tab adjustment has been made the account should be back in balance.

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Last reviewed: November 2023
How To Refund As A Negative Payment