# For Sale Items Detailed

For Sale Items represent items that are sold for a fixed price, and typically to multiple people. They are used for auction, or raffle, Tickets and items where the bidder thinks of buying the item rather than winning it. See Run A Raffle for more information about setting up raffle ticket items.

# Item


  • Item #
    See Item# when adding a new item -- this is a required field.
  • Title
    See Title noting this as a short amount of text describing the item -- this is a required field.
  • Type
    See For Sale Items for more information about this item type.
  • Item category
    See Categories for more details on their usage.
  • Live #
    See Live Auction Ordering to learn more on how this field can be used.

# Description


  • Description
    See Description -- this is used for the long description of the item to expand on the Title detail.
  • Terms and Conditions
    This is used to describe any specific Terms and Conditions bidders should be aware of.
    See How To List Terms And Conditions as an example application.
  • Reference Number
    This can be used for any external reference for the item.

# Donor


  • Donated by
    This is used to show the Donors of the item.
  • Solicited by
    Used for the name of the person that approached the donor about this donation.
    This information is generally only used internally.
  • Receiptable value
    Used for the item receiptable value, see Receiptable Value for more details.
  • Receipt required
    An informational checkbox only. See Receipt Required for more information.

# Pricing


  • Value
    A monetary value of the item. See Pricing for more information.
  • Taxable value
    See Taxable Value for more details on how to use this field.
  • Shipping Cost
    Amount to charge for shipping to winners of this item.
  • Sales tax category
    This is generally only used when you are charging Sales Tax on the item.
    See Sales Tax Categories for more details.

# For Sale Items


  • Quantity
    Enter the number available, leave blank for an unspecified quantity.

    By default, the option Allow Multiple Winners is enabled for For Sale Items within the platform. See Allow Multiple Quantities for additional references.

  • Admission Tickets Included
    Number of event admission tickets that a purchase of this item represents. Setting this value to any number greater than zero (0) will make the item a Tickets item in Auctria.

    Do not use this for raffle or drinks tickets!

  • Always share a bidder# between guests when this item is bought.
    When a single purchase results in multiple guests being created, assign all those guests the same bidder#.
  • Create a table when sold
    When this item is sold, create a table based on the number of tickets and automatically seat the guests at it.
  • Is sponsorship
    Enabling this checkbox will make the item a sponsorship and designate the buyer as a Sponsor.
  • Coupons
    Sets the Coupon codes for this item. See Coupon Codes for more details on using this.
  • Print bid sheet
    Enabling this option will include the item when printing bid sheets although it is not generally used with For Sale Items.
  • Show in default web purchase element
    Show this item in the default purchase element in the standard website templates. See Items Marked Show In Default Web Purchase Element on the Configure Items Displayed page for more information on this.
  • Online Purchase Behaviour
    The default behavior would be to use the Immediate Payment Only method. See Online Purchase Behavior for additional details about this option.
    • Immediate Payment Only
      The Immediate Payment Only method takes the purchaser directly through the checkout process to finish buying the item.
    • Add To Account Only
      The Add To Account Only method will add the item to the purchasers account for them to pay at a later time.
    • Account For Bidders, Otherwise Immediate
      The Account For Bidders, Otherwise Immediate dynamically processes the purchase based on if the bidder is logged in or not with logged in bidders see the Add To Account method and others seeing the Immediate Payment method.
  • Override online bidding starts at
    This value is set if the item will have a different scheduled start time than the default auction online bidding start time.
  • Override online bidding ends at
    This value is set if the item will have a different scheduled end time than the default auction online bidding end time.

# Options


  • Is basket lot/package?
    Enabling this checkbox will, once saved, add the Contents tab to the item. This checkbox indicates the item is a basket or package containing Partial Items and/or For Sale Items.
  • Is gift certificate
    Enabling this checkbox will allow for Gift Certificates to be printed from Auctria.
  • Highlight item
    Enabling this checkbox will allow you to display the item in an Item Catalog configured to display Items Marked Highlight.
  • Exclude from catalog
    Enabling this checkbox will always exclude this item from all printed and online catalogs.

# Other


  • Location
    This is an informational value only.
    This field is often used as a means to note the specific physical location of the item.
  • Bidsheet Closing Time
    This is an informational value only.
    For For Sale Items, this is the time when the item bidding will be closed.

# Consignment


  • Consignment category
    See Consignment Categories for more information.
  • Consignment Minimum
    The minimum cost of the expense generated when this item is sold.
  • Consignment Maximum
    The maximum cost of the expense generated when this item is sold.

See also Consignment Items for more information about this section.

# Form Wording


  • Display page text
    If set, this text is used on the Display Pages instead of the description.
  • Bid sheet text
    If set, this text is used on the Bid Sheets instead of the description.
  • Certificate text
    If set, this text is used on the Gift Certificates instead of the description.
  • Catalog text
    If set, this text is used in the Auction Catalog instead of the description.
  • Statement text
    If set, this text will be shown on the Bidder Statements.

# Notes


This is an internal only information area that can be used to make notes for the items. This information is not displayed anywhere.

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