# Monitor Auction

Following the Monitor Auction link from the Online Settings page will open a new browser tab displaying an overview-style page of your current event where you are able to watch bidding, manage your Live Auction Controller, view Item Details, and Send Notifications to your bidders.

# Home


The Home page provides information at a glance on the the Total Donations, Total In-Progress Bids, Total Closed Bids, and a total income Thermometer element.

# Bid Monitor


The Bid Monitor tab shows All Activity regarding bids by default. There are also "radio-button" options to select a filtered view of Open Items Only, Closed Items Only, and Donations Only.

# Live Auction


An example with the 'multi-item' option in use.

The Live Auction tab will mimic the same view as the Live Auction Bidding Section creates.

# Item Details


The Item Details page will open with a search option to view a specific item. Selecting the item will display its specific details and bid history, if bids have been placed for it.

# Send Notification


The Send Notification tab will allows you to send messages to your bidders that will appear in the Mobile Bidding App and/or as Text Messages (if available). These messages will also appear as a transient pop-up for bidders logged in and actively viewing the website.

Last Updated: 9/27/2022, 2:24:00 PM