If you have the option Send tickets by email to guests enabled on the Tickets dashboard, Auctria will generate E-Ticket emails for each ticket sold. Guests will receive an E-Ticket when their email address is associated with a ticket.


An example preview taken from a demonstration event.

E-Tickets Dashboard

Clicking through from the main Auctria Dashboard through Tickets and then E-Tickets will open the E-Tickets Dashboard.


An example taken from a demonstration event.
  • Send E-Tickets - this will provide a confirmation pop-up before sending E-Tickets to those guests on the current Recipients list.
  • Edit E-Tickets this will allow you to edit the current E-Ticket in the email editor.
  • Preview E-Tickets - this will provide a preview using default demonstration data of your current saved E-Ticket.
  • Reset E-Ticket - this will reset the E-Ticket to its default initial settings and layout.
  • Manage System Emails this will take you to the System Emails dashboard.
  • Back to Tickets this will take you back to the Tickets dashboard.

Accessing The Event

Clicking on the link in the E-Ticket will take the guest to a special page on the auction web site where they can update their contact information and/or register a credit card (if credit card processing is enabled in the Credit Card Settings).


The guest can also access the auction web site by following the link to the auction website and using the Access Code to log in. This will work, even if they are not already signed in, as long as the e-ticket they clicked through was sent to their email address.

Check-In With QR Code

By default, the E-Ticket will include a QR code. This can be used as part of the in-person event Bidder Check-In process by having an organizer scan the code to check the guest into the event.


An example taken from a demonstration event.

Note, the actual E-Ticket sent to the guest will not include the explanatory text seen on the preview.

Assigning Guest Information Later

If the ticket buyer did not provide an email address for their guest(s), we cannot send them an E-Ticket. However, the purchaser's receipt will still contain links for all the tickets they purchased.

For example, if the purchaser bought a "Table of 8" item (an item configured to include 8 tickets) but didn't provide the additional guest information, a Guest of... bidder will be created for each as needed. If a guest email was included, an E-Ticket would be automatically sent to that guest.


The ticket buyer can assign this ticket to their guest by clicking on the link in the receipt associated with the 'Guest of ...' line. This link will take them to the specific Auction Ticket.


Clicking on the Update info button will open the "Ticket details" editor.


When the guest details are saved, and provided an email address for the guest was added, there will be a link to send the E-Ticket to the email address.

Sending the E-Ticket to the guest now allows them to access the auction, register a credit card, and gives them access to the auction web site signed in under their own email address.

Last reviewed: July 2023