How To Record Purchases


The Bidding/Sales dashboard.

You open the Record Purchase dashboard from the main Event Dashboard by clicking the Bidding/Sales menu item.


An example from a demonstration event.

The Record Purchase tab uses a very similar layout and approach as the Record Bids tab.

You would use the Choose Items field to select the item being purchased and then select the Bidder that will be purchasing the item.


An example For Sale item and bidder selection from the Auctria demo data.

The Record Purchase function is not meant to be used for selling Tickets. The purchaser will not be properly registered with their tickets unless you use the Sell Tickets function from the Event Dashboard under the Tickets section.

With the Item and Bidder selected, the default for the Amount will be the item's value of a single quantity based on the Total Amount.


Changing the quantity will automatically calculate and update the amount fields.


Changing to the unit price option allows you to set a different unit price than what the Item Details value has been set at.


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When you Record bids, purchases, or donations, the default payment method selected is None.

By default, the dollar amount being recorded will be applied to the Bidder record and be an outstanding balance on their account.


An example from a demonstration event showing all possible payment method tabs.

To record a payment, select either the Credit Card tab or the Other tab (or the Registered Card tab, if available).

Enter payment

When recording a purchase, you may also want to record that it has been paid. For example, if you enter purchases before the event, you may wish to register pre-payments. See the Checkout Payment Options for more details.

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Last reviewed: February 2024
How To Record Purchases
An overview of the function to record supporter purchases.