# Leaderboard

The Leaderboard element can be used to display a real-time list of current items and donations being made by bidders during an event.

This element will always display the most current information when it is loaded. To see "updates" to this information, the page must be refreshed in the viewer's browser.

# Adding A Leaderboard Page

# Row Content - Leaderboard

Drag and drop the More Row Content element from the Website Editor Sidebar into the row space where you want to add the Cash Donation element.


This will open the Choose Row window.


Clicking the Leaderboard element will now drop it into the row space you selected. The element will start with a default... This should be modified to fit your auction as needed.


An example taken from an Auctria Demo auction.

# Edit Leaderboard

Given the nature of a "Leaderboard" and the general intent of using it to help drive up bids, donations, etc. by helping to provide some "friendly competition" amongst the guests, the bidder name will always be displayed regardless of other settings for the website.

# Leaderboard Style

Currently, there is only the single default Leaderboard Style of a Table available.

# Items Tracked

The Items Tracked, by default, will be All Items. This can be changed by clicking the configure button and setting a different condition to be used.


This is the same interface used in other parts of the auction website when setting specific conditions to be used with the element. See Configure Items Displayed for more details on this option.

# Include Cash Donations

The Include Cash Donations is a toggle option. This is enabled by default.

# Show Amount

The Show Amount is a toggle option. This is enabled by default.

# Number of bids to show

The # of bids to show defaults to 15. To change this number, click on the option to open its settings field and enter the number of bids you want to show for your auction.


# Sort Criteria

The Sort Criteria default to Most recent. There is an additional option of Highest amount which can be picked from a drop-down selector after clicking on the option.


# Edit Leaderboard Table

To edit the Leaderboard Table, hover over the Leaderboard and click on the target icon or any line within the table itself. This will ensure the Leaderboard Table element is displayed in the Website Editor Sidebar.


Each column of information can be toggled on or off (they are on by default), except the "From" (or Bidder) column.

# Show Time

The Show Time column is at the far right and displays the time for the of the bid/donation/etc. for the item in question.


An example with the "Show Time" column toggled off.

# Show Item Title

The Show Item Title toggles the display of the Item column in the table. This is enabled by default.


An example with the "Show Item Title" column toggled off.

IMPORTANT - Advanced Feature Set
Auctria support cannot reasonably provide for how to use this event specific data. We provide this information and the API LINK for programmatic application. The actual use of this data is outside the scope of support we can provide at this time.

At the bottom of the Leaderboard element is an API LINK property. Clicking on this link will provide a view of the parseable data available for the Leaderboard element.


An example of a sample taken from a demo event Leaderboard API LINK.

Also see Common Element Actions for more details on managing the Leaderboard row content.

Reviewed: October 2022
Last Updated: 10/14/2022, 5:08:05 PM