# Record Purchases

You can record purchases one at a time by selecting the item and the bidder, and then entering the amount.

To record a purchase, open the Record bid, purchase or donation page and make sure the PURCHASE tab is selected. The default when selecting Bidding/Sales is the BID tab when coming from the main Auction Dashboard menu.

# Purchase Details

# Select the Item

  1. Click in the Item field to activate the drop-down menu.
  2. Start typing the item number or name so that a list of items appears. The item list is automatically filtered by Type: For Sale, making it easier to find the item you want.
  3. Select the item you are entering a purchase for.

# Select the Bidder

  1. Click in the Bidder field to activate the drop-down menu.
  2. Start typing the name so that a list of bidders appears.
  3. Select the bidder you are entering a purchase for.

Note that you can quickly access more information about the bidder by clicking the View icon.


# Enter the Amount

Enter the Quantity, the Amount and select if the amount is a unit price or total amount.

  • Total Amount Example
    Select total amount to enter the total amount. You can enter a discounted amount if needed. For example, if you offer 1 free ticket with every three $5 tickets purchased, you could enter a quantity of 4 and a total of $15.

  • Unit Price Example
    Select unit price to enter the unit price and let the system calculate the total amount.

# Payment section

This section allows you to include a payment with the bid/sale, or just record the bid only.


To just record a bid only, keep the NONE option; otherwise, to record a payment select either the CREDIT CARD tab, or the OTHER tab (or the REGISTERED CARD tab, if available).

# Enter payment

When recording a purchase you may also want to record that it has been paid. For example, if you are entering purchases made prior to the event, you may wish to record pre-payment. To enter payment details with a purchase, see Include Payment.

# Actions

The Actions sidebar menu is very similar to the BID tab sidebar menu.

  • Record Purchase
    When all of the information for the purchase has been entered, click Record Purchase.
    • If the total amount you entered reflects a discount, the system will prompt you to confirm.
      Click Try And Force Bid to accept the override amount.
      If successful, a green message will appear at the top of the window.
  • Enforce All Rules
    Clicking this opens a drop-down selector to choose if/when bid rules are applied.
    • Enforce All Rules (default)
    • Suppress All Rules
    • Suppress Once
  • Clear Page
    Clears all of the current information from the fields on the screen.
  • Checks
    Clicking this will open the "Bidding Checks" window.
  • Pin
    To quickly record multiple bids you can "pin" the item, bidder, or amount.
    See Pinning Fields for more information.
  • Send item won notification
    Enabling this will generate and send a winning bid notification to the bidder.
  • Automatically advance to the next item
    Enabling this will advance to the next item# after recording the transaction.
  • Hide payment options
    Enabling this option will hide the Payment section.

# Bidding

# Website

# Shortcuts

If you are entering many bids at once, using the keyboard shortcuts may save time.

CTRL + S to record bid
CTRL + B to focus on bidder
CTRL + I to focus on item
CTRL + A to focus on amount
CTRL + Q to focus on quantity

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