Email Statements

For online auctions, you have the option to email a statement to the bidder with a payment link. The first steps are often times used to customize the statement to include the information and options you want. See Bidder Statements for more information on this.

Edit Email Statements

Aside from the common statement options that are available you can also customize and edit the email content of the statement.


An example of an Email Statement with a "Pay Balance Online" link.

To modify the "Email Statement", from the Bidder Statements page click through Statements > Email Statements and then click on Edit Statement Email to open the Email Editor pre-populated with the "Bidder Statement" template.


Changes are automatically saved during the editing process. When you are happy with the email you can return to the Email Statements page and continue with sending.

Linked Bidders

If you want to address Linked Bidders together the Bidder.GreetingNames placeholder can be used in emails and Word Templates that will work with the "linked bidders" to generate a 'friendly' name suitable for a "greeting".


  • The linked bidders John Smith and Jane Smith would be greeted as John & Jane Smith.
  • If they are John Doe and Jane Smith it would be John Doe & Jane Smith.

Select Bidders

From the Select Bidders tab, use the Recipients selectors to choose the Bidders you want to send a Text Message statement.


An example taken from a demonstration event.

Recipients Filters


There are several Recipients Filters available to select from to adjust which bidders will be included in the Text Statements you plan to send. The default is Bidders with actitivity.

See Bidder Recipients Filters for more information.

Only include bidders with activity after


As needed, you can also further restrict the recipients list by setting a date where the Bidder Activity must be after that specified time. The Bidder Statement sent will still contain a full accounting of the bidder's Activity in the current event.

Send Statements

When you are ready to send the statements to the selected bidders by email, click Send Statements under the Actions sidebar menu.


A popup window will appear asking you to confirm sending the statements. Click Continue.


A message will appear notifying you the statements are being sent.

A success message will flash at the top of the screen after the statements have been sent.

Last reviewed: January 2023
Email Statements
For online auctions, you have the option to email a statement to the bidder with a payment link.