January 2023: the current dashboard release has new graphics and some interface changes. Many screenshots still reflect the older release and will be updated shortly.

The auction website can allow for Cash Donations pledged to the event as a means to start things off or capture donations after the event. There is also the opportunity to Solicit Items from donors potentially increasing the items and ideas the organization can offer to their guests.

Cash Donations

Provide the means for "donors" (actually "bidders" in this case) to pledge "Cash" donations.

Solicit Items

Provide the means for "donors" to offer items for the organization to offer their guests.

  • Add Section - Item Solicitation
    • This will insert a new section into the page that consists of the default Solicit Items "form".
  • Solicit Items
    • The Solicit Items element provides a multi-part form for "Donors" to enter information on items or services they would like to offer the organization for the fundraising event being displayed by the auction website.
  • Solicited Items
    • You can review these "Solicited Items" from the Auction Dashboard by clicking through Items and then clicking on the Review Solicited Items link under the Solicited Items sidebar menu.

Reviewed: January 2023