How-To Guides

Our How-To Guides will help go step-by-step through different tasks.

  • Not all steps may apply to your Organization when setting up your event.
  • You may be able to skip some steps with features you are not considering using.
  • You can always go back and add, or modify, features in the future.

Overview Guides

Creating an Auctria event and setting up your event website.
How to guides on running your event once it has started, including event night topics.
Information you can use at the end of your event.

Detailed Guides

Working with bidders and how to manage them in Auctria.
Working with bids and how to manipulate and manage them in Auctria.
Working with bidder checkout features and functions in Auctria.
How to customize communications with your supporters through Auctria.
Managing credit card settings and how to make use of their related functionality.
Working with donors.
Working with and managing items in Auctria. Help with item types, settings, and features and how best to use them.
Managing and working with online settings.
Working with the organization and its users. This is not supporter related.
Printing with Auctria. How to configure different print options.
Working with Raffles. Editing and modifying raffle items, tickets, and prizes.
Working with reports. Managing and editing report filters and settings.
Working with tickets. Adding, editing, and modifying ticket items used for admission or gate-keeping of an Auctria event.
Working with the auction website. Configuring and updating the information being displayed on your Auctria auction website.
Additional information on various topics surrounding the use of the Auctria platform and its features and functionality.

Last reviewed: June 2023
How-To Guides
Quickly get your first event up and running with these easy-to-follow walkthroughs, and check in here for more How-To style pages for each section of the Auctra platform.