# Item Reports

These are the Item focused reports currently available.

  • All Items (Current Event)
    All items in the current event
  • All Items (All Auctions)
    All items with donor details across all events
  • Won Items
    All silent & live auction items that have been sold or purchased
  • Unwon Items
    Silent & live auction items that are still unsold
  • In Progress Items
    Items that are still unsold but have current bids
  • In Progress Items (with bidder details)
    Items currently being bid on, but aren't sold
  • Winning Bidders By Item
    Won items with bidder details
  • Winning Bidders By Item (detailed)
    Won items with item & bidder details
  • All Bids By Item
    Shows full bid history (including superseded bids)
  • All Bids By Item Summary
    Summary of full bid history by item
  • Items by solicitor
    Items with solicitor and donor information
  • Basket contents
    Partial lot items showing which basket they are in
  • Package contents
    For sale items that are packaged into baskets
  • Catalog contents
    Item details as they are shown in the catalog
Last Updated: 11/30/2020, 3:35:00 PM