How To Stop Selling Tickets

There may be times when you decide to stop selling tickets. This could be for various reasons, such as a venue change or a decision to limit the number available to increase sales.

Remove The Tickets Page

One of the first things to consider when you stop selling tickets is whether or not to remove the page from the Auction Website.

Leaving the page viewable to your guests will allow you to leverage the display of tickets that are sold out. This is managed by setting an appropriate maximum number of tickets available (see below).

Removing the page will make it more difficult for guests to purchase tickets, although it does not stop them entirely. If the guest has the direct website address of the "Tickets" page, they can still navigate to it with their website browser and use it to purchase tickets.

See  ∞ Configure Menu Entries for additional references.

Delete Tickets Page

Suppose you have decided you no longer want to display the "Tickets" page in your menu and are not considering sharing its address for last-minute purchasers. In that case, you might consider removing the "Tickets" page altogether from the Auction Website.

This can be done via the Manage Pages button on the Website Editor Sidebar. Clicking the button will open a popup window for Website Pages where you can use the appropriate Actions button to then delete the "Tickets" page.


An example taken from a demonstration event.

See  ∞ Current Page Settings | Delete Page for additional options to delete the "Tickets" page.

Adjust The Maximum Number Of Tickets

One of the more important settings to address when selling tickets and knowing there are specific limits that must be considered, such as venue capacity, the number of tables and chairs you have access to, etc.

This is when you should be setting the Maximum Number Of Tickets for the event and, if necessary, the maximum number available for each ticket.

Maximum Per Event

For setting the Maximum Number Of Tickets for the event, you would set the property Maximum Number Of Tickets To Sell Across All Ticket Items on the Tickets dashboard under Ticket Options.


A Ticket Options panel taken from a demonstration event.

Maximum Per Ticket

For setting the maximum number of tickets for a specific "Tickets" item, you would set its Quantity value in its Item Details page in the Availability panel.


An example taken from a demonstration event.

See  ∞ For Sale Item Detailed | Availability for additional reference.

How To Stop Selling Tickets